Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Young Love Shoot

This wasn't the first shoot I did but it is one of my favourites. It is of my cousin Abby and her boyfriend Oliver. They are defiantly one of my fave couples and I ship them so much. They are honestly just the cutest together, they have been a couple for nearly two years now, but I actually can't remember a time when they weren't together if I'm honest! 

I thought it was so lovely that Oliver agreed to model for me, especially seeing as I hadn't known him that long at the time we did the shoot, and we did do it in the middle of a public forest type place near where I live - I mean Abby has modelled for me many times and it didn't really phase her, but it was so cute to actually capture images of them together. 

When we were actually shooting, it was so natural, and I rarely had to tell them what to do - which was nice because I did want it to look hugely staged. 

Anyway, enough rambling; here are some of my favourite images from the shoot.





This one in particular is one of my favourites from the shoot just because I am a serious Twilight lover - and for some reason this remind me of a scene in one of Twilight movies.

I liked this one, purely because the tree trunks around them kind of look like a love heart, and I thought it looked pretty cute.

I hope you like them, and I hope Abby and Oliver don't mind me posting these images on the internet too much!

Jade - xox
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I'm particularly passionate about a few things, including photography, travelling and singing, (but I have stage fright when it comes to singing in front of pretty much anyone) so for now I'm just going to stick to photography. This is just gonna be a place where I show some of my pictures and try and explain the meaning behind them - even if they are a bit crappy or weirdly strange.

Jade - xox